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Hello! I'm Nina. I live in Santa Fe. I make things.

Let's bask together in the majesty of the cosmos.

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I feel like an elf princess in this dress for some reason.

i refuse to believe that sake is even alcoholic

Talking with my friend in London. Had to remind him what America is like.
Also! I got this dress at an antique mall. It’s so happy! It’s from the 60s. :D:D
Celebratory photobooth photo because my computer is finally fixed after 7 months!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
  • 11 year olds today:
    omg i luhv smokin pot omfg i get drunk off lyke my moms wine coolers lol sometimes i take an extra vitamin in the morning so i can get that high lol! on tumblr i reblog sex because unfff me and my boyfriend fuck almost twice a day. im a bad bitch lol one time my mom yelled at me because she said i cant be bringin boys up to my room so i said FUCK YOU lol i do what i want yolo!!

  • me when I was 11:
    omg did i forget to feed my neopet this morning

BAHHH I saw my first solar eclipse today! It was incredible.
Claire bleached and dyed the tips of my hair lavender, but it came out so subtle since the ends of my hair were black at one point, long ago. I think I’m going to try the color again. Should I still go with lavender or another color, and light or neon?